Stérimar® - Free your nose

sterimar sea water microspraySTÉRIMAR is a sea water nasal spray that helps keep noses healthy by cleaning and clearing nasal passages. It's a pure, natural product with no drugs or preservatives so it can be used in patients of all ages, including newborn babies and pregnant women.

STÉRIMAR is isotonic which means it has the same concentration of salt as cells in the human body. It can be used daily to gently moisturise and clear nasal passages to relieve dry and stuffy noses.

Ear, nose and throat specialists recommend STÉRIMAR isotonic for sinusitis, colds, hayfever and allergies as well as for nasal cleansing to help rid the nose of dirt and crusts. It's also ideal to help clear nasal congestion in babies because they can't blow their noses themselves.

How to use STÉRIMAR